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He added, “I have heard so many people condemning me for this apology but for me, I believe in keeping peace. And when I realise that I have made a mistake, I believe in saying sorry.” Mr Kambwili said he will not pay attention to hypocrites mocking him for apologising to the Head of State when they celebrated when he apologised to the people of Southern Province over the tribal remarks he made when he was a cabinet minister.

“When I went to say sorry to the Tonga people in Southern Province, the same people who are insulting me for apologising to President Lungu were the ones who were praising me. When it suits them, they said, well done. If it doesn’t suit them, they condemn.

But I won’t pay attention to those giving negative comments. I want to thank the President, my brother, for forgiving me and it is my hope that Mr Findlay will also find it in his heart to forgive me,” he said. Recently Mr Kambwili unreservedly apologised to President Lungu and Mr Findlay for accusing them of being drug dealers, saying he was misinformed on the matter. In a statement by his special assistant for press and public relations, Isaac Chipampe, President Lungu yesterday said he had noted Mr Kambwili’s apology and accepted it in the true Christian spirit. The President said what matters was someone’s actions and deeds after one apologises for the wrongs they have done.

Meanwhile, Mr Lungu has assented into law the Cyber Security and Cyber Bill of 2021. President signed the Bill into law on Tuesday, March 23. President Lungu hoped the law would bring sanity in the way the internet is used in Zambia. “This is purely to protect citizens from abuse by people who feel they can do or say whatever they want using the veil of cyberspace. This law is aimed at protecting all Zambians, including those who are against it,” President Lungu said. He said the Bill was brought to his office and he scrutinised it before he assented to it. “I could not have signed it if I was not convinced it is for the good of all Zambians. I have read through and it is perfect,” he noted

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