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Dear Editor, SO another AFCON failure for the Chipolopolo. As a football fan, the rebuilding should start now but that rebuilding project should not be headed by the same people who brought it down.

Football Association of Zambia president Andrew Kamanga should take the blame and step aside to pave way for people who understand football from end to end to step in and clean up the mess.

The only consolation we have this time around is that the resignation will not be forced because Kamanga voluntarily offered to resign on national television on December 2, 2020 if Zambia fails to qualify to another AFCON.

Well, it’s over 12 hours since Chipolopolo were kicked out of the race and we are anxiously waiting for the news conference announcing the inevitable – that the Kamanga era at FAZ has ended. Going forward, what we know is that no one, not even Kamanga should be allowed to kill our beautiful game, a game we so dearly love.

The painful years under Kamanga have proved to us all that football is best left to footballers to play and administer just as fishing should be done by fishermen and preaching the word of God for reverends. BOWMAN CHILOSHA LUSAMBO.

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