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Mwila warns PF cadres cum extortionists


PATRIOTIC Front Secretary-General Davies Mwila has warned party cadres in the habit of extorting money from marketeers and bus drivers to stop their illegal activities.

Bus drivers and marketers including those selling along the streets have complained of the extortion from PF cadres who have set up camps and getting money from traders.

But Mr Mwila said the PF has not sanctioned any of its members to charge bus drivers and marketeers for operating either in town or townships because it was not the responsibility of the party.

He said in an interview that councils and committees elected by bus drivers in the stations were mandated to collect money and not the PF cadres.

Mr Mwila has directed the party committee to investigate the matter and ensure that the culprits were brought to book.

“I will ensure that the committee investigate the matter and we are going to punish the members who are doing that because they don’t have the blessing of the party,

“As a party, we have not directed our members to collect money from the marketeers and bus drivers. It is the mandate of the council to collect money from the marketeers and bus drivers,” Mr Mwila said.

He said the trend had the potential to dent the image of the ruling party and he would ensure that it was curbed.

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