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Nawakwi riled over HH falsehoods


HAKAINDE Hichilema should stop hallucinating that he can sway the international community into believing that there is anarchy in Zambia because they can see through him, FDD President Edith Nawakwi has said.

She said the falsehood from the UPND president that there was anarchy in the country would not work.

Ms Nawakwi said Mr Hichilema was panicking and now trying tarnish the image of Zambia in the eyes of the international community because he had already smelt defeat in the forthcoming August 12 elections.

She was reacting to a letter Mr Hichilema wrote to the African Union and Southern African Development Community in which he claims that the new voter’s register was compromised and that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) unfairly captured more voters in perceived PF strongholds.

But Ms Nawakwi advised Mr Hichilema to shun the August elections if he did not have confidence in the ECZ.

She said the new voter’s register was a milestone for ECZ because it had “fairly” captured genuine voters and removed ghost voters.

Ms Nawakwi said Mr Hichilema should blame himself and not be a cry baby if he did not get his supporters to register. “Mr Hichilema should stay away from the August election if does not trust ECZ, that’s a noble thing to do than crying foul. He has just seen the red flag that’s why he is being a cry baby,” she said.

Ms Nawakwi said tactics by Mr Hichilema to tarnish the image of the country should not be entertained by the international community.

She said Mr Hichilema must be hallucinating to think he could sway the international community into backing him with falsehoods.

“Some election observers asked me during the 2016 elections why my colleague was angry,” Ms Nawakwi said.

She said it was embarrassing that a man who wanted to be Republic President did not know anything about diplomatic etiquette.

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