Kakoma exit genesis of UPND’s political implosion

Dear Editor,

THE stage-managed UPND convention which was made to renew and validate the inherent dictatorial culture of Zambia’s most rejected Presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema and his party has started backfiring.

The recent one being the exit of the dependable opposition figure and loyalist who comes from a well-documented political and professional background.

The defection of the long standing senior member of UPND Charles Kakoma’s enviable stature is the starting point to the process leading to putting last nail on Mr Hichilema’s political coffin.

In his discourse, Mr Kakoma’s public comments have been full of a sense of responsibility and exercised restraint to refrain from any inflammatory language that undermine the unity and peace of the nation.

The autocratic nature and self-centredness of Mr Hichilema has now started manifesting and this is the genesis of the political explosion and the wind of continuation for the PF ruler ship is yet to tilt in the direction of PF and President Edgar Lungu who is going for his second term of office.

The defection of Mr Kakoma is a testimony enough that the PF has emerged as a brand that has become attractive owing to the pro-poor policies that have been implemented in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Going ahead, Mr Hichilema’s political party will start shooting in all directions like a misguided missile and its prospects are virtually irredeemable as Mr Kakoma’s followers will not help but emulate this timely decision.

Mr Kakoma is not merely a nonentity as he is demanded, he is a leader of mass following as evidenced by his past portfolios and the immense contribution he made during his tenure as a Member of Parliament.

His joining the Patriotic Front is therefore a morale boaster and a great motivation to the patriots who have a strong conviction of being of service to mother Zambia.

The defection of Mr Kakoma has vindicated our previous pronouncements that President Lungu’s government has been an all-inclusive unique style of leadership.




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