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THE leader of 235 BP Zambia retirees is living in fear of being kidnapped

Mr Expendito Chipalo, who is the lead plaintiff in the pension claim which has been ongoing for 20 years, is worried after the disappearance of the Hatembo siblings, Pheluna and her brother Milton.

When contacted yesterday, Mr Chipalo said that he was not only sympathising with the Hatembos but that he was scared for his life.

 “I am living in real fear because in this country human life is not valued.

“Surely human beings cannot just disappear and everyone keeps quiet. Something is amiss,” he said.

He said that there was a trail of events leading to the disappearance of the Hatembos and it was incredible that the police had failed to locate Pheluna and her brother with all the evidence in the public domain.

“I think this country is dealing with a psychopathic individual. Only a person who has no human feelings can derive happiness from the pain of others.

“A psychopath can also manipulate other people to engage in crimes without realising that they are wrong,” Mr Chipalo said.

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