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MILLERS have dispelled reports that Government’s decision to lift the ban on export of mealie meal is likely to increase food insecurity.

Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) president Andrew Chintala said Zambia had enough maize stock that would last up to October 2021.

Mr Chintala said with the 2021 crop marketing season approaching it was important for those holding on to the maize to offload it on the market.

He said holding on to the market would have negative effects on prices of mealie meal next year.

“The proposal we did to Government to allow for export of mealie meal was to ensure that prices of the commodity on the market stabilises,” he said.

Mr Chintala said prices of mealie meal on the market have reduced since the commencement of exports.

He said millers that are exporting mealie meal have been told to subsidise prices of the commodity on the local market and maximise on the export.

Mr Chintala said the prices of the country’s staple food were expected to reduce further as farmers start to harvest next month.

He has advised those wishing to comment on food security to first consult stakeholders.

Mr Chintala said the mealie meal export programme is well thought out and addresses critical issues such as high prices and shortage on the local market.

He said prices of mealie meal are expected to reduce as the country heads to the next marketing season.

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