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Opposition political parties urged to stop misleading nation on development

Community Action against Corruption (CAAC), has urged opposition political parties and some civil society organizations to stop misleading the people that the developmental projects undertaken by the Patriotic Front administration are not benefiting the people of Zambia.

Chief Executive Officer, Brightone Tembo told ZANIS in an interview that the opposition should work hard to find the right messages that can help them to win the hearts of the people. “The opposition should stop labouring in vain by trying to outdo reality by demeaning the benefits that Zambians are currently enjoying through infrastructure development,” Mr Tembo said.

He added that the people in the country both in urban and rural areas are fully benefiting from infrastructure like bridges, hospitals, health centres and schools among others. “People are now covering short distances to access basic services provided being provided by government. Electricity has now reached so many places in the country, which previously was not the case,” he said.

Mr Tembo said Civil Society Organizations should also not be in the forefront misleading people that the infrastructure development is not beneficial.

He said NGOs should find time to visit different places in the country, so that, they can see and appreciate some the developmental projects that have been done by government. Mr Tembo has encouraged Civil Society Organizations to desist from siding with politicians when interpreting national issues to the people adding that the role of CSOs should be that of engaging government on matters that are affecting the people. – ZANIS


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