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Repossess mines from errant investors, Govt told


GOVERNMENT should take over all the mines which threaten to withdraw their investment whenever they are questioned about their operations, says the Federation of Small Scale Mines Association of Zambia (FSSMAZ).

Zambia needs investors who will help in the economic recovery process and respect the laws of the country, says FSSMAZ president, Joseph Mwansa.

Pastor Mwansa warned that mines in the habit of threatening to withdraw their investment whenever Government tried to question them over certain matters should know that their time was limited.

Pastor Mwansa said in an interview that the move by the government to take over the Mopani Copper Mines was an indication that Zambians were able to run the mine.

“The move by the government to take over Mopani mine was a great move, we congratulate them. It should not only end up on Mopani. It is time to start to manage our mines, we are capable of managing.

“What will happen now is that when the government sell the copper, the money will come back to Zambia and it is the only way to boost our economy,” he said.

Pastor Mwansa expressed confidence that Zambia had qualified expertise to manage the mines.

He emphasised that it was time to build the economy by supporting its recovery process and not encourage investors who were only interested in the natural resources.

He however cautioned Government to put a committed management in place to manage the mines.

Pastor Mwansa said this was cardinal in ensuring smooth operations and transparency at the mines.

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