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THE UPND has more crooks and dishonest people than any other political party in the country, Mbabala UPND Member of Parliament Ephraim Belemu has said.

And Mr Belemu has disclosed that some civil servants that are working in his constituency were being victimised and harassed by the UPND leadership for merely coming from other regions.

Speaking when he ditched the UPND and joined the Patriotic Front (PF) yesterday, Mr Belemu said he could not continue working with the party that has amassed more dishonest people than any other party in the county.

Mr Belemu said he found the conduct of the UPND leadership in recent past to be a betrayal, perfidious, deceitful, and dishonest.

As it stands out today, he said, the UPND has amassed more dishonest people than any other party and assuming they get into power, the party has the highest probability of putting crooks into government.

“From the time I joined UPND, this time it has attracted more dishonest people than any other time, and for saying that some of us have been vilified. I entered politics to champion a cause, and for me that cause has been betrayed by UPND and its leadership,” Mr Belemu said.

Mr Belemu also revealed that some people who are not Tongas were victimised by the UPND leadership in Sothern Province.

“Members of staff that are employed at our office in Mbabala Constituency by the National Assembly after being interviewed openly and selected because they are qualified are also being harassed just because two of them are Lozi and Luvale.

And in receiving Mr Belemu and Mr Anold Chikoli who is a lawyer, PF national chairperson Samuel Mukupa said tribal politics has no place in Zambia.

Mr Mukupa also appealed to Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo to take keen interest in the revelations that some people were harassed and assaulted by the UPND leadership in the region.

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