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‘Zambia needs fuel back-up system’


GOVERNMENT should create backup system to avert disruption in the distribution of fuel in the country, the Continental Leadership Research Institute (CLRI) has advised.

CLRI executive director, Paul Hakoola, said fuel was one of the key drivers of the economy hence the need to ensure a smooth flow in the supply chain. He was commenting on the shortage of fuel which has hit some parts of the country due to the protest by tanker drivers.

Mr Hakoola said Government should create a system that would be always ready for incidences that might affect the distribution systems of petroleum products.

“The institute recognises that petroleum is a fundamental pillar that drives the economy and there has to be a proper back-up support systems that can ensure that economy and end users are protected from sudden disruption in the distribution chain of petroleum products.

“It is however disappointing that we don’t have proper backup systems, we are supposed to ensure we have backup support for at least a month or so to ensure economic stability if distribution channels have a problem,” he said. 

Mr Hakoola called on Government to create an environment that would enable local entrepreneurship in the petroleum sector, which would help reduce high unemployment levels among the youth.

“The institute also calls on Government to ensure that it creates initiatives and an enabling environment for local entrepreneurs to also participate in the petroleum industry,” he said.

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