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President Lungu says Church must join political landscape to serve


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says there is need for the Church to join the political landscape because they will serve people with knowledge that they are serving God.

He said the church should saturate the political arena because there is need for people who are true to the calling of politics to come on board to serve the citizens regardless of their ethnic grouping or the region they come from.

“It doesn’t matter whether you belong to this tribe or that tribe, this church or that church because we are one Zambia, one Nation with a common destiny,” he said.

Mr Lungu was speaking yesterday at State House when a delegation of clergy from the Christian Coalition paid a courtesy call on him.

“My cry has been that you bring forth sons and daughters of the church to saturate the political landscape so that the country can get the best,” he said.

President Lungu said Christians should be encouraged to participate in politics because they will remember that ultimately it is God they are serving through mankind.

He dismissed assertions that the church should be isolated from politics and the state because the two cannot mix.

He said this was not right because the suffering of the people is felt by the church hence it is not only there to evangelise but to also make sure that the lives and welfare of the people are improved.

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