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NO member of the Patriotic Front (PF) has ownership to a constituency and anyone who wishes to contest can do so as long as they have been adopted, PF media director Sunday Chanda has said. Mr Chanda said the motive behind the five-year tenure of office was to allow for renewal depending on what the electorates wanted.

 He said only the electorate had the mandate to either renew or not to renew the tenure of office of their leaders. “The power of democracy lies with the people’s decisions. The people decide to choose who they want to be their leader. “Let’s also mention that I am a round member of the PF today because the party has continued to place democracy at the centre of it by allowing people to compete,” he said.

 Mr Chanda who is also Kanchibiya constituency aspirant said members of the party were accorded an opportunity to aspire for different positions without any discrimination. He noted that the party also encouraged people to aspire for their goals, both the old and the young.

He said that this was what made the party stand out to be the best among other political parties in the country.

 Mr Chanda added that the PF party encouraged democracy, making it more attractive to many Zambians. He said the party’s attraction was seen through the high number of aspirants who wanted to contest on the party ticket in many constituencies across the country

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