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Polls should not divide us – UNIP


NEWLY-ELECTED UNIP national chairman, Robert Mukengami, has called for unity among members including those who lost the polls.

Captain Mukengami said in as much as there could be some aggrieved members who were not happy with the outcome of the congress, all members should remain united and show loyalty as UNIP was the founding organisation of Zambian politics.

He said in an interview in Livingstone that in an election, there were losers and winners, but the outcome should not divide members.

“You know when elections have taken place, anything can come out. I know personally that things may not have gone well but let’s not dwell on those issues now. If there are any of those issues, there is the UNIP Electoral College led by comrade Chigaga who is a chairman where people can channel all our views.

“Normally when there is an election, there is always a talk like… there is a lot to talk about but let us unite and build UNIP and focus on the forthcoming general elections,” Capt Mukengami said.

He paid tribute to those he served with and were not in the new team and encouraged them to remain members of one family.

“Our duty now is not to say who won and who lost but to build up the party. I want to appeal to all the youths to come in and join this party and liberate Zambia,” Cap Mukengami said.

He appealed to fellow leaders under UNIP under Anglican Bishop, Trevor Mwamba, to remain firm and organise the party.

“I am the national chairman who went unopposed at the recently held national congress. I hold the mandate by the UNIP constitution; article 5, 6, 7 spells out my roles. I want to welcome the fresh blood that has come into the party. We all have a duty to protect UNIP and to serve the people of Zambia,” he said. Captain Mukengami said UNIP had always placed humankind at the centre of development and other human endevours.

“Let us learn and gain from experience of others. I want to congratulate TJ Kaunda and his vice Njekwa Anamela and Alfred Banda who held this party from the year 2000 to date for the wonderful job,” ” Cap Mukengami said.

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