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HELP Find our mother – Pheluna Hatembo’s daughter pleads with police


Help us find our missing mother and uncle, daughter to Pheluna Hatembo, Abigail has once again pleaded with police.

She said from the time  her mother and uncle went missing over two months ago, the family has not heard from them as they have not been communicating leaving the family to wonder what might be happening to them. 

Abigail said the family is worried about their whereabouts and called on the police to intensify the search for so that the family can know where they are and the people behind their disapperance.

She wondered why the police with all the available technology and instigation technics at their disposal have failed to make headways in the matter.

Abigail said  the two siblings have not been seen in public for almost two months. 

And the police have clarified that the Hatembo siblings are witness and not suspects on the run.

A statement issued by the police last week stated that they were looking for leads that will help in the arrest of Pheluna and Milton Hatembo, the siblings embroiled in the Kalomo farm number 1924 controversy.

Police assistance public relations officer Danny Mwale later clarified that the two are not suspects on the run and the Service erroneously indicated that the two are   wanted by the police to be arrested.

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