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AS a civic leader in Mulungunshi Ward 18 Councilor in Mandevu Constituency under the ruling Patriotic Front I have done my part to bring development so I want to further develop the constituency by becoming a member of parliament, aspiring candidate Douglas Tembo has said.

Mr Tembo said he joined politics a long time ago and felt it was time to go a step further. “You might be interested to know that I started the PF ward in my area when I got interested in the message that late President Michael Sata used to preach then. “I looked around and there was no one to organize the party in Mulungushi Ward.

 So I started it alone and other people started coming on board; people like Chisenga Lumbwe so you can see that I have been a PF member for a long time,” he said. He explained that he promised the people of Mulungushi ward that his first priority would be infrastructure development such as a police post in Kalundu and the road network which he said he has done. Mr Tembo boosted that under his leadership as councilor, most of the roads have been tarred and this month will start working on Lufubu road in Kalundu.

He said that Mandevu was one of the constituencies with divisions but that after he was elected as chairman, he brought people together and peace was restored. The former councilor said the people of Mandevu constituency and Mulungushi ward in particular can attest to the developments he has delivered. Mr Tembo said that he has a lot of respect for the incumbent Member of Parliament Jean Kapata and that she has done her part by bringing development in the area but it was time for her to give a chance to others.

 Mr Tembo is confident that the PF will adopt him to represent the people of Mandevu constituency and continue with the development agenda. He said that he is inspired by President Edgar Lungus passion to develop the country and the PFs pro poor agenda.

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