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TIME has come for the people of Kanyama constituency to elect a dedicated person with their interests at heart, Kanyama’s Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) presiding pastor Rev. Rabson Daka has said. Speaking yesterday during a church service attended by PF Kanyama constituency aspiring candidate in the August 12 general election, Chrisantius Changwereza, Pastor Daka said the coming on the political scene by Mr Changwereza was not by accident but the will of God. He also visited two other churches, Mission Apostolic Church hosted by Bishop Mugala and Glory House of Prayer Ministry hosted by Bishop Elvis Bwalya.

 Mr Changwereza said Kanyama has many challenges such as the poor road network and the problem of water supply which will require someone hardworking and with a zeal to develop the area. And Mr Changwereza says the church plays a critical role in identifying challenges faced by the community because it is closer to the people. He pledged to work with the church to address the many challenges Kanyama constituency faces such as lack of water, shelter, modern markets, reducing crime and most importantly to stir empowerment programs for all.

 Mr Changwereza said once elected, he will ensure that pastors and the church form a core part of the team that will spearhead development in Kanyama. He said he was not seeking the position of MP to enrich his pocket but to work for the people and ensure that their status improve. He also told the congregation that his candidacy comes with a social contract to which they should hold him an recall him if he fails to perform.

He said it was important for the electorate to know that they do not have to be stuck with a non-performing leader. He also said President Edgar Lungu has offered many empowerment programs through various ministries but Kanyama residents had not benefitted because they did not have a voice to lobby for them.

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