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Local contractors eye big contracts


LOCAL contractors and suppliers are hopeful that they will continue to get better jobs and orders under the PF Government which has been putting up good policies aimed at benefiting the local entrepreneurs, local contractors and suppliers have said

Consortium of local contractors and allied suppliers (COLCAS) President, John Chilupula, said President Edgar Lungu had continued to exhibit true leadership by intervening in issues affecting local contractors and suppliers. He said in Kitwe yesterday that Government had made tremendous strides in improving the welfare of the locals through the implementation of the 20 percent policy.

This is contained in a congratulatory message to President Lungu after he went through unopposed during the PF general conference.

Mr Chilupula said he was hopeful that the 20 percent policy would be enacted into law to ensure that it effectively benefited the local contractors and suppliers.

“As we congratulate President Lungu for going through unopposed during the Pf general conference, we would like to state that we have confidence in his leadership that it will continue to serve the interests of local contractors and suppliers 

“President Lungu has in most cases intervened in issues affecting local contractors and suppliers and so we have no doubt that he will continue to serve the interests of local contractors and suppliers. As a consortium, we are grateful that he has gone through unopposed and we will support him as he sets the stage for victory in the August elections,” Mr Chilupula said.

Mr Chilupula said local contractors and suppliers would remain loyal to the Government and ensure that they carry out their jobs diligently to gain the confidence of the public.

He said it was important that local contractors and suppliers put up quality works and deliver orders on time so that they could also be considered for bigger contracts.

He said local contractors and suppliers should create a close partnerships with their foreign counterparts for effective skills transfer and exchange of ideas.

“This is why we need to win the hearts of our clients by delivering orders on time and producing quality works. Once we do this, we can even create strong partnership with our foreign counterparts. So we will remain focused to ensure we can carry out big projects,” he said.

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