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My passion to make a tangible difference in the community and helping resolve people’s problems makes me the ideal candidate for a demanding position of Member of Parliament (MP) for Lunte, aspiring candidate Justine Chongo has said. Mr Chongo said he has done his homework and knows the needs of the 14 wards in Lunte constituency which has now been upgraded to district status. He observed that as a new district, Lunte has not received meaningful development to meet the needs of the people, largely due to ineffective representation.

 Mr Chongo said that Lunte was endowed with natural resources, ranging from land, rivers and minerals which had not been exploited for many years. The traditional leadership, he said, was ready to partner with stakeholders and Government to spearhead developmental needs aimed at ameliorating the socio-economic challenges. “Besides the hardworking people of Lunte district, it is home to numerous untapped and underdeveloped areas of great economic and cultural heritage potential that cuts across key sectors of tourism, agriculture, and mining,” he said. The aspiring candidate said the district has several rivers and streams that are perennial in nature and retain water throughout the year.

 Lunte, he said, has five waterfalls which have not been exploited for water supply, power generation, and for local and international tourism. He added that Lunte is strategically located and its agriculture resources can be utilized to harness the agriculture market in the Great Lakes Region.

Mr Chongo said although there are no mining activities currently in Lunte, the area has potential for mining of precious and non-precious minerals and that if elected he will spearhead mining exploration activities. Mr Chongo explained that he joined student politics while studying at the University of Zambia School of Medicine where he served as vice president in the University of Zambia Medical Student Union. In the union, Mr Chongo played a major role in identifying vulnerable students for them to acquire Government sponsorship and that from there his passion for politics grew. He said that having joined the PF in 2009, he has remained a loyal and dedicated member.

On youth empowerment, he explained he will ensure the youth are incorporated in all structures to realize the PF’s vision of not leaving anyone behind. Mr Chongo was confident that the PF would adopt him for the August 12 elections for him to represent the people in Lunte constituency.

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