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MANSA resident, Peter Ngosa will be turning 100 years today, feat only a few attain.

Mr Ngosa was born to Chikabala Mulinda and Ndina Kalenge Chungu at Kawesha Village, chief Chisunka in Mansa district on April 12, 1921. 

The family later established their own village, Chishale’s village in chief Chimese, at the border between chief Chisunka and chief Chimese.

This was revealed by Dr Henry Musenge, Mr Ngosa’s  nephew from Lusaka.

Mr Ngosa has 6 children, 5 men and 1 girl, after 6 children answered the Lord’s call. He has 26 grandchildren and is married to Winess Sandoni Ngosa.

Dr Musenge recalled that his grandmother, Kalenge, who brought him up was often referred to as a “barren” woman in the village for having only 2 children, his late mother, and uncle Ngosa.

He said that his uncle followed his cousin, Shaki Katuta  where he  worked on the mines in now Lubumbashi, in DRC and while there, Mr Ngosa trained as a plumber and worked and obtained valuable experience. In Zambia, he worked for construction companies, including Costain  Construction Company where he worked on big projects, such as the construction of the House of Parliament and the University of Zambia. 

During the construction of Lusaka International Airport, Ngosa  was given  a sub-contract for a portion of the plumbing works.

Dr Musenge concluded by saying that the family is grateful to Almighty God for granting  their centurion, Ngosa, a long and healthy life.

He still walks, talks and remembers a lot from his childhood -”May the Lord be praised.”

Christian Democratic Party president, Rev Dr. Daniel Pule said that Mr Ngosa is his big brother because his father Samson Pule Makasa was Mr Mulinda’s youngest brother.

“I sometimes talk to him on phone and I make it a point to visit him whenever I am in Mansa.  As far as I know, he is the only centurion in the family at the moment, for which we thank God,” he said.

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