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FOREIGN Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji has urged the Zambian people not to fall for the propaganda being spearheaded by some media outlets purporting that he was engaged in corrupt dealings for his businesses.

And Mr Malanji has donated K600, 000 to the marketeers of Solwezi.

The minister says anyone that doubts his dealings is free to ask any Government ministry if they have any existing contract with Gibson Power System International.

Speaking when he addressed a mammoth crowd that had gathered in Solwezi on his five-day party mobilisation tour of North-Western Province, Mr  Malanji said that he was a law abiding citizen who respects the rule of law and corruption had no place in his business.

He has challenged anyone who is propagating the corruption lies against him to visit any institution in Zambia and collect evidence so that they can come and substantiate their claims for the people of Zambia.

“Me standing here as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of the PF Central Committee, I can tell you with confidence that you can go and ask any Permanent Secretary or Directors from any government ministry in Zambia and they will tell you that I have never gone to lobby for any contracts for any of my businesses,” Mr Malanji said.

Meanwhile, Mr  Malanji has said the K600, 000 donation is meant to help mitigate the financial challenges which the small-scale business owners (marketeers) were facing to boost their businesses and improve their livelihoods.

Speaking during a mobilisation rally in Solwezi yesterday, Mr Malanji, who is also Member of the PF National Mobilisation Committee, said he was going to fundraise for another K400, 000 for the beneficiaries if they manage to administer the funds very well.

He has advised them to emulate the marketeers in his constituency (Kwacha) who have managed to multiply a similar empowerment fund of K150, 000 to over K1, 000, 000 after noticing that the microfinance service companies were giving marketeers a tough time to access loans with exorbitant interest rates.

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