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SOME small opposition clique and their surrogates should stop advertising ignorance and spreading misinformation about the PF manifesto which they do not understand, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said.

PF deputy media director, Antonio Mwanza said it was disappointing to see some opposition parties rushing to copy and paste old and redundant portions of the PF manifesto in a futile attempt to mislead the party membership and the general public.

“Following the highly successful and extraordinary PF general conference, he said, a small clique of some opposition voices have been spending sleepless nights trying to fault-find and smear our general conference.”

He explained that the total number of members of the central committee and the period one has to spend in the party to be eligible to contest the position of Member of Central Committee was reviewed when the party changed the constitution in 2015.

“The total number of members of the central committee was changed from 30 to 54 by the national council in line with Articles 68, 69 and 70 at the general conference held in 2015,” he clarified.

Mr Mwanza also said tthese articles empower the central committee and the national council to make regulations and standing orders to assist the party in the implementation of its constitution.

He said the regulations and standing orders made by the central committee and ratified by the national council became part and parcel of the PF constitution and could be implemented in the meanwhile.

“So the copy and paste that the small opposition clique and their surrogates are flashing around on social media showing the total number of members of the central committee to be 30 is old and redundant, therefore it is invalid,” Mr Mwanza said.

He also said the actual number is 54 as elected at the weekend general conference in conformity with the regulations and standing orders of the national council of 2015.

Again, he added, this provision was one of the other provisions of the PF constitution that was amended in the 2015 National Council Regulations and Standing Orders; it is now null and void.

Mr Mwanza said the largest party in Zambia, the PF like President Edgat Lungu rightly emphasised in his speech at the weekend does not discriminate against anyone.

He added, “In PF, there are no gods, just comrades with one agenda, to serve the party and the nation.  So any one who is loyal, dedicated, competent, humble, with no criminal record is free to serve the party in any suitable position.”

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