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Ex- OP staff demand ‘special’ allowances


SIX former employees of the Office in the President (Special Division) who were retired in national interest have petitioned the Constitutional Court demanding payment of their allowances by Government for the period they were retained on the payroll pending retirement packages.

The six also want the Court to order the State to pay them interest on all monies ordered, costs and any other relief it may deem fit.

Mr Jonathan Nkonde Chisanga, Beatrice Moomba, Vincent Kabayo, Mutelo Chivunda, Hyman Hamududu and Adwell Mwanakasale   have cited the Attorney General  as the respondent in the petition .

 According to the verification verifying facts, the six were employed by the office of the President ( Special Division )  and were retired on the basis of national interest.

However, they were only paid their basic salaries and not their allowances during the period in issue. Mr Chisanga and five others in the petition have stated that the actions and decisions of  Government to deny them allowances for the period they were maintained on the payroll were unconstitutional and unlawful and contrary to Article 189 ( 2) (Amendment) Act 2 of 2016.

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