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THE missing Hatembo siblings must be released immediately so that they can reunite with their families and reassure the nation of  each citizen’s security, a consortium of political parties and civil society organisations has demanded.

Police have confirmed that the Hatembo siblings were witnesses in a disputed land matter in which Mr Hakainde Hichilema allegedly fraudulently dispossessed them of their 2, 000-hectare farm in Kalomo by fraudulently manipulating records and signatures at the Ministry of Lands.

The siblings have been missing since February 17, 2021.

Consortium spokesperson, Spuki Mulemwa said it was barbaric to hold breadwinners of a poor family captive for such a long time.

Mr Mulemwa said the abduction of Pheluna and her brother Milton was ‘pure evil’ because they left behind a sick daughter who was now helpless.

He demanded that the Hatembo siblings be released immediately so that they could be reunited with their family.

“It is pure evil for anyone to continue holding the Hatembos when they know very well that they have left behind a very sick child who needs her daughter and they are actually breadwinners of a large family. So there are a lot of people suffering because of their absence,” Mr Mulemwa said.

Mr Mulemwa said whoever was responsible should be ashamed of himself and remember that God in heaven was watching and would surely expose the perpetrator.

He said the disappearance of the Hatembos was disheartening and painful to not only their immediate family but also to the nation.

Mr Mulemwa called on the police to ensure that those behind the heinous crime were arrested immediately.

Four close associates of Mr Hichilema have been charged and arrested for allegedly abducting the Hatembo siblings.

Two other associates are on the run.

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