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POLITICAL stakeholders must respect one another because there is no violence where there is respect for one another, says National Guidance, and Religious Affairs Minister, Reverend Godfridah Sumaili.

Rev Sumaili said there was a need for all political parties to have respect for one another for peace to continue prevailing in the country before, during, and after the August 12 general elections.

She was speaking when she met the clergy in Kabwe on Thursday.

Rev Sumaili urged political parties to be tolerant, avoid hate speech, and embrace the different views from their opponents.

“We are speaking to all political parties that there has to be respected for one another, you don’t have to insult others because they have different views, we have to be tolerant, we have to create room for one another,” she said.

And Rev. Sumaili called on the church to engage all political players on the need to remain united especially as the nation heads towards the polls.

She said the church has the power and authority to guide political parties on various matters including politics for the benefit of the country.

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