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POLICE have launched a search for a woman who posted a video administering alcohol to a child. Acting police spokesperson, Danny Mwale, said police have instituted an investigation into the matter and only identified the women as Mrs Kennedy.

Mr Mwale has called on members of the public to help the police with information that would lead to the arrest of the woman. He said administering alcohol to a child was an indication that the toddler is in need of care as demanded by the law.

“The circumstances in the video circulating on social media where an adult female person is seen to be administering alcohol to a child are an indication that the child is in need of care as stipulated under Section 10 read with 9(a) of the Juvenile Act Chapter 53 of the Laws of Zambia,” he said.

He said once arrested the suspect would be slapped with an appropriate charge. “Yes we have launched a manhunt for Mrs Kennedy for administering alcohol to a child in a Facebook video post that has gone viral.

An investigation has been launched calling on members of public to help police with information,” he added. A video has gone viral on social media, depicting a woman commonly known as Mrs Kennedy, giving a toddler, assumed to be her daughter alcohol. This has angered many social media users who are now calling on police to arrest the woman. One Facebook enthusiast, Simon Mwewa said: “This is what happens when reckless young girls have children… they breed and raise reckless young girls. “Mrs. Kennedy’s daughter will grow up exactly like her…a reckless young girl.

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