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A TEAM from the Ministry of Energy has been sent to the port of Beira in Mozambique to address challenges impeding smooth importation of fuel, the Daily Nation has learnt.

This follows complaints by tanker drivers that they face challenges when loading fuel as authorities at depots give priority to tankers from other neighboring countries.

Zambia Union of Tanker Driver vice president, Vincent Shamilimo, confirmed the development and commended Government for intervening in the matter.

Energy minister, Mathew Nkhuwa, could not be reached for a comment.

Mr Shamilimo hailed Government for listening to the cry of transporters.

“We are happy that apart from Government seeing to it that OMCs are implementing the 50 per cent stake in fuel transportation for local transporters, they also sent a team to Beira to ascertain reports that we are having challenges to load fuel as priority is given to others,” he said.

Zambian tanker drivers were recently on a go-slow which led to fuel shortages across the country because Oil Marketing Companies were giving contracts to foreign transporters.

The drivers further complained of being mistreated whenever they go to Mozambique to load fuel.

The Zambian tanker drivers said that they were made to wait for a long time as the authority in the country give priority to Mozambican drivers.

As a result, they end up being stranded after running out of money and food.

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