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PF rubbishes poison claims


THE Patriotic Front (PF) is planning to arrest and poison Hakainde Hichilema as a way of eliminating him from contesting this year’s elections, Senior Chief Mukuni has claimed.

However, PF Secretary-General Davis Mwila has rubbished Senior Chief Mukuni’s allegations saying, “the only person who can poison him is his wife.”

Mr Mwila said in an interview yesterday that Senior Chief Mukuni was just politicking out of desperation because he has realised that his business partner was headed for another defeat in the August 12 elections.

“It is not true that we are planning to poison him, those are just false allegations. Senior Chief Mukuni is just politicking.

“How can we poison him as if we live together, the only person who can poison him is his wife or children,” Mr Mwila said.

He said the ruling party has no time or intention of poisoning a person who is known to be a perpetual loser.

Senior Chief Mukuni said in a statement that the sustained propaganda that the UPND President was unwell was meant to prepare people’s minds as the PF was planning to poison him during any arrest and claim he was sick.

He said contrary to reports that Mr Hichilema was sick, he was a very healthy man.

Senior Chief Mukuni said that propaganda orchestrated by the PF that Mr Hichilema was a sick person was not a mere coincidence but a strategy and psychological preparation for the minds of Zambians to harm him, and then blame it on his purported sickness that did not exist. “This sustained propaganda that HH is unwell is meant to prepare people’s mind as the PF plan to poison him during the arrest and confinement and then say ‘we told you that he was sick,” Senior Chief Mukuni said.

Senior Chief Mukuni has also accused the Daily Nation of working with the PF in trying to tarnish Mr Hichilema’s reputation.

“How can it be normal that only one man on a daily routine attracts headlines in the Daily Nation of being the only opposition politician? How many opposition party leaders do we have in Zambia?” he questioned.

He warned that there would be civil unrest if anything bad happened to Mr Hichilema.

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