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The Mozambican government has agreed to resolve all challenges facing Zambian fuel tanker drivers using the Port of Beira.

Mozambican Minister of Transport Janfar Abdulai said Zambian fuel Tankers would now be loading fuel on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Mr. Abdulai assured his Zambian counterpart Mutotwe Kafwaya that all the challenges facing Zambians would be addressed.

He was speaking during a media briefing in Beira after meeting Mr. Kafwaya.

And Mr. Kafwaya thanked Mozambique for attending to the challenges facing Zambian drivers.

He said this would now make the doing of business easy with the implementation of the 50 percent allocation of cargo to Zambians transporters.

Mr. Kafwaya said with the Port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania closing for 35 days next month for rehabilitation, the Port of Beira would be key for Zambia’s imports.

Zambia and Mozambique held a technical meeting to resolve challenges facing Zambian transporters when bringing in fuel.- ZNBC


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