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DO not hesitate to accept Covid-19 vaccination when the district launches the programme, Mkaika constituency aspiring candidate Yuda Tembi has urged residents.

Mr   Tembo said contrary to myths, the vaccines were safe and efficacious as indicated by Health Minister Jonas Chanda.

Mr Tembo urged the residents of Mkaika to get vaccinated.

He said residents should ensure they get vaccinated to reduce the spread and protect themselves from COVID-19.

“My appeal to all the people in the constituency is that they should to get ready and be vaccinated when the district will launch the Covid-19 vaccine programme because the vaccines are safe and efficacious as indicated by the ministry of Health,” he said.

He said even if getting vaccinated was not mandatory, people should ensure they get vaccinated as it was for their own good.

He appealed to members of the public to ignore the myths and conspiracy theories and only listen to health experts. Mr Tembo urged all eligible adults above the age of 18 to get vaccinated to prevent themselves from the deadly virus

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