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TUTWA Ngulube has distanced himself from a statement alleging that he has called on the Patriotic Front to disassociate itself from FDD president, Edith Nawakwi’s battle with UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema over the missing Hatembo siblings.

Mr Ngulube, who is Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip, said the statement was part of the propaganda by the UPND to wage “war” between him and Ms Nawakwi.

He said at no time had he issued a statement against Ms Nawakwi.

Mr Ngulube said the “unpalatable” language used in the statement could never come from him.

He called on Zambians to ignore the statement, saying it was all the work of desperate politicians.

“Ignore an article making rounds, it’s not from me. I have not issued any statement over Hakainde’s abduction of the Hatembos or against my mother, the iron lady madam Edith Zewelani Nawakwi,” said Mr Ngulube.

According to the said statement, Mr Ngulube called on PF to disassociate itself from Ms Nawakwi’s “mischievous” and “stupid” actions against Mr Hichilema.

“Let us lend credence to the cause that Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi is championing over the alleged abduction of Pheluna and Milton Hatembo,” Mr Ngulube said.

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