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UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should concentrate on his court cases than misleading the nation that the party will win the August 12 elections, Consortium of Political Parties and Non-Governmental Organisations spokesperson, Spuki Mulemwa has said.

Mr Mulemwa said Mr Hichilema was a serial loser of elections and that it was laughable he was this time thinking of wining the August elections.

He was reacting to Mr Hichilema’s sentiment that there was no competition in this year’s polls and that UPND would carry the day.

He said in an interview that there was no way Mr Hichilema would defeat President Edgar Lungu in the coming elections when he failed to beat him when he was not very popular.

Mr Mulemwa said Mr Hichilema was no longer popular in previously UPND strongholds.

“The party has nothing to offer apart from agitating for confusion. Mr Hichilema has ordered MPs not to lobby from central government. So to claim he will win the elections is a daydream,” he said.

Mr Mulemwa said Mr Hichilema could only win the upcoming elections if they were rigged.

He said UPND was no competition for PF because it does not mean well for Zambians, saying the party shot down referendum and Bill 10 despite the positives to the Zambian people.

Mr Mulemwa also questioned why UPND members were ditching the party if it had become popular.

He said the party only had appetite to sale state properties when ushered in power but no interest of the nation.

“Stop misleading the nation. UPND only has acts of desperation because they know they were losing the coming elections. UPND is not ready to govern,” Mr Mulemwa said.

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