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THE 20 percent subcontracting policy should be revised to 50 per cent because locals have gained the necessary skills to hand bigger contracts, Local Contractors Association of Zambia President Mutale Mpepo has said.

Mr Mpepo said Zambians should not be imposed with a limitations when accessing contracts.

He said that there was need to empower local contractors in order for the money to remain in the country.

Mr Mpepo said with the expertise that local contractors have gained, 50 percent of works should be preserved for them.

He said the purpose of awarding contracts to local contractors was to empower them and to grow the local economy.

Mr Mpepo explained that the proposed 20 per cent stake was proposed some years back but as time went on, it was imperative to increase it.

“The then minister of Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela proposed 30 per cent when in other countries like Kenya it was 40 per cent five years ago,” he said.

He said the proposed figure should be increased to 50 percent which should be increased gradually.

Mr Mpepo stated that in future Zambian contractors should be the ones subcontracting foreign companies because they have learnt a lot from main contractors.

Meanwhile, Mr Mpepo said that some local contractors in remote areas were unable to get contracts due to lack of access to internet.

He said there were not able to access or bid for contracts that were advertised electronically.

“We symphasize with our colleagues in the rural areas but I must mention that you and me knows that government has embark on connecting the entire country. But at the same time being in business is not easy one has to go and check for internet, “he said.

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