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THE Muslim community in Zambia has expressed concern over the escalating cases of new Covid 19 strains  in India and warned its members against traveling to that country.

Yesterday alone, India posted 386, 452 new cases bringing total cases to 18, 977, 305 and 209, w581 deaths since the pandemic broke out.

Lusaka Muslim Society Chairman Suleman Patel said in a statement that his community is concerned that suddenly the number of cases in that country have escalated beyond all expectations just a few months ago when the Indian authorities indicated that the covid 19 battle was over.

He also asked the Muslim community in the country to make abundant prayers in the month of Ramadhan and remain extremely vigilant and monitor the situation locally.

“It is with great concern that we are watching developments in India, just a few months ago when the Indian Authorities indicated that the covid 19 battle was over, yet suddenly it has escalated beyond all expectations,” he said.

Mr Patel said the dramatic spread of COVID in India has been attributed to a double mutation of the virus as well as other new suspected variants of concern (VOCs) adding that these strains are even more infectious and deadlier.

“Our prayers are with those who are afflicted and have lost lovef ones. May Allah Ta’ala remove this pandemic from the entire world,” he said.

He said at this stage, reports indicate that certain strains found in India may not be easily detected by the nasal swab tests, therefore advised that the 14 day quarantine be adhered to even to people who might have received a negative test report when leaving India.

“With this in mind we advise our community to refrain from traveling to India. We also advise on 14 day quarantine for those who are in the process of reaching or have already entered Zambia from India,” said Mr Patel.

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