TEACHERS refusing transfers or deployment to rural areas should not be tolerated because the behaviour is affecting quality service in the education, the Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) has said.

ZNUT General Secretary, Newman Bubala, said it was unfortunate that some teachers who were deployed to rural areas ended up abandoning their stations on flimsy grounds.

Mr Bubala commended Government for coming up with the strategy of not allowing transfers until a teacher serves for at least four years at a school.

He said in an interview that teachers should go anywhere they were sent unlike the current scenario where they refuse appointments or transfers.

Mr Bubala said it was unfortunate that some teachers refuse to accept either transfers or deployment as long as it was to a rural set up.

“It’s not correct for any teacher to refuse when they are appointed to go to a rural area or remote area. Some accept but when they reach there they run way, which is not fair for the system including the children and the community they leave stranded,” Mr Bubala said.

Mr Bubala said teachers were trained to teach anywhere in the country and therefore no teacher should refuse an appointment.

He however noted that teachers who were teaching in urban setup had less teaching periods compared to the ones in rural areas who were over stretched.

“This is why Government has put a four-year strategy that no teacher should be given a transfer until she or he serves for four years at a station.

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