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IT is petty and cowardly to be talking about other politicians and political parties instead of addressing real issues, Party of National Unity and Progress (PNUP) President Highvie Hamududu has said.

And Mr Hamududu says the PNUP is ready for the August 12 polls.

Mr Hamududu said politicians should not be talking about other parties but instead tell the people what they would do for them.

He said competition was not about talking ill about other political parties but to tell the people solutions for their challenges.

Mr Hamududu was speaking during the opening of the its national conference.

He said it was petty to be talking about other political parties when the task of politicians was to fight poverty.

Mr Hamududu said this year’s general elections should be about people not politicians by giving unto themselves a fresh start.

“In other words, this election should not be business as usual as the current situation requires very clear reform proposals if our country has to register real and sustainable progress.

“Let the forthcoming tripartite elections be about our people not about us politicians, by giving unto themselves a fresh start,” he said.

Mr Hamududu declared the party ready for this year’s elections.

He said for the last four months, the party had been preparing for this year’s elections just like any other political party.

Mr Hamududu said they would participate at all levels during the August polls. He noted that this year’s elections must refine the future of Zambia. adding that he had travelled across the country and seen the challenges people were facing.

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