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THE woes of the Hatembo family fighting to get their missing members freed, have worsened with Pheluna’s ailing daughter, Nasilele’s depression getting worse as she seemed to be giving up.

The condition of Nasilele, the daughter of abducted Pheluna Hatembo has worsened following the continued absence of her mother from home since early February, a family spokesperson Lucky Muchimba has revealed.

Pheluna’s daughter, Abigail said from Choma yesterday that her ailing sister was sliding deep into depression and it was hard to watch her longing for their mother.  

Last month, Nasilele was escorted to the Choma General Hospital by her elder sister Abigail who pleaded with abductors to release their mother.

Nasilele and other daughters to Pheluna last had contact with their mother when she and her brother Milton were bundled to Lusaka where they signed a statement condemning their lawyers for indicating an intention to appeal against a ruling that dispossessed them of their 2, 000 hectare farm to Mr. Hakainde Hichililema, the UPND president.

The two siblings are the only witnesses in the alleged case of fraudulent acquisition of farm number 1924 in Kalomo, by Mr Hichilema.

Mr Muchima said in an interview that the disappearance of Pheluna is painful to not only the immediate family but also to close family friends who have to endure seeing the suffering Nasilele is going through because of the absence of her mother.

He said the 35-year-old cerebral palsy afflicted Nasilele and other daughters to Pheluna are going through a lot of mental torture since the disappearance of their mother more than two months ago.  

Mr Muchimba said the disappearance of Pheluna has sent Nasilele into serious depression and caused her to fall into a more serious condition requiring the presence of her  mother (Pheluna).

“As I’m talking now, the condition of Nasilele has worsened and require the presence of Pheluna,” said Mr Muchimba, adding that the family now fears the worst if the abductors continue holding her.

Mr Muchimba also said the children to Pheluna are wondering why the UPND leadership in Choma, including the member of Parliament were not condemning the act of abduction on their mother and uncle.

The family’s financial stressed has also worsened  with the continued absence of the bread winner, Pheluna.

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