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THE Lusaka High Court has entered a judgement in default of defence against Zambia-Somali Friendship Association national coordinator Ally Firin in a case where Kook College of International Studies Limited sued him for accusing it of been involved in human trafficking of some Somali trainees.

Kook College was seeking an order compelling  Mr Firin to retract the statements made in the media and published on May 28,2019, that the words in their material and ordinary meaning meant and were understood to mean that the college had been involved in human trafficking of Somali trainees who went missing from the hotel in Lusaka.

It was also seeking an order that Mr Firin stop and desist from making any more false and defamatory statements.

It also wanted an order compelling him to make a public apology to it and damages in the sum of US $250, 000.

And Lusaka High Court judge Mathew Zulu entered the interlocutory judgement in default of defence in favour of Kook College.

“That the defendant should retract the statements made and cease and desist from making any further false and defamatory statement; that the defendant to make a public apology to the plaintiff, that the defendant pays damages assessed by the Deputy Registrar,” the judgement reads.

“The defendant shall pay the plaintiff accrued interest on the amounts due. The defendant shall bear the plaintiff’s costs of and incidental to this action to be taxed in default,” read the judgement.

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