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TWENTY-SEVEN members of the Association of Zambians living in South Africa (ZASA) have graduated from a six-month training programme in aquaculture production.

The graduated from the David Fincham Farm, one of South Africa’s leading aquaculture farms, at a ceremony officiated by Zambia’s Deputy High Commissioner to that country Maynard Misapa.

This is according to a statement issued by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambian High Commissioner in South Africa, Naomi Nyawali

ZASA president, Ferdinard Simaanya, said some graduands would be deployed to ZASA’s aquaculture project while others would start an aquaculture school in Zambia for youth and women empowerment.

He said the graduands who opted to remain in South Africa had been empowered with two fish cages by David Fincham Aquaculture, the training provider, to start breeding fish while those who would return to Zambia would establish fish breeding centers across the country.

Mr Simaanya thanked the Zambian High Commission for the support to ZASA’s fish breeding project and other business initiatives.

And Mr Misapa said aquaculture was an important avenue to contribute to the improvement of Zambia’s economy.

He said Government had put in place policies and a regulatory framework aimed at promoting sustainable investment in fish farming.

Mr Misapa said fish farming in Zambia was a key growth sector that was expected to contribute to employment creation, trade, food security and nutrition in the country.

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