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GOVERNMENT should build a reputable image for the country anchored on clean and green agriculture, with reduced dependence on oil, the Green Party has advised.

According to the party, Zambia should also reduce the use of agri-chemicals and imported feed-stock so as to protect the soils, water and air quality.

Green Party leader, Peter Sinkamba, said that Zambia should thrive on a resilient, energy-efficient and democratic food economy.

Mr Sinkamba said in Kitwe yesterday that there was need to manage all rural production in ecologically sustainable ways by providing a secure and productive environment for producers.

“We plan to create a smart economy that will be largely sustained by agriculture and deliver real prosperity for everyone without compromising the integrity of the environment.

“We  would  like  to  build  a  reputable  image  for  our  country  anchored  on  clean  and green  agriculture,  with  reduced  dependence  on  oil,  agri-chemicals,  and  imported feed-stock,  so  as  to  protect  our  soils,  water  and  air quality,” he said.

He noted that the agenda could also be achieved if rural and urban communities could be able to provide for the economic, educational, health and social needs by attaining food security status.

He added that the Zambian environment must be kept GMO free through humane utilisation of bio systems and conservation of agricultural land resources to provide for humankind, now and in future.

Mr Sinkamba said Zambia needed to increase employment by diversification of production base and going clean and green through export of high quality agriculture products.

He said it was high time Zambia acquired global clean and green agriculture export reputation by  increasing output and productivity  through the use of environmentally friendly technologies.

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