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EVEN chiefs who commit crimes can be prosecuted and jailed just like acting  Chief Tafuna who was sentenced to death for murder, therefore the is nothing wrong with Senior Chief Mukuni’s wife being arrested and taken to court for alleged abduction, says the Evangelical Youth Alliance (EYA).

And EYA says it’s unfortunate that some sections of society are politicising the Hatembos’ matter which if mishandled could bring disunity.

EYA President, Reverend Moses Lungu said Zambians should not politicise the arrest of Queen Mukuni in connection  with alleged  disappearance of the Hatembos because no one was above the law.

Rev. Lungu said in an interview that it was wrong for people to insinuate that some citizens were immune to prosecutions and possible sentence if found wanting because no one was above the law.

He said the best Zambians could do, including traditional leaders, their subjects and even the clergy is to restrain themselves from committing crimes.

“We are all equal before the law, the traditional leaders, the retainers and the subjects, we have a situation in the country where Chief Tafuna was jailed for commuting a crime,” he said.

“We should not politicise the issue of Queen Mukuni, an offence is an offence, no one is above the law,” he said.

Rev Lungu said Zambians should desist from the tendency of making political gimmicks out of real situations that affect people in reality.

He also warned against interfering with the police in their duties because they are there to ensure that people live within the framework of the law.

“Even chiefs may not be able to rule their subjects properly in a situation where crime is prevalent and a country that lives outside the framework of the law is as good as not having the law,” he said.

Rev Lungu however ssaid that every person who is found wanting should be given an opportunity to prove themselves innocent before the court makes its final judgement.

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