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THE Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has agreed with Ethiopian Airlines and Proflight Zambia to pay the outstanding passenger safety charges in instalments.

CAA this year separately sued Ethiopian Airlines and Proflight Commuter Services Limited in the Lusaka High Court for failure to pay US$75, 652.15 and US$78, 865 respectively.

According to a consent judgement passed by Judge Charles Zulu, Ethiopian Airlines would have to settle US$75, 652.15 in instalments.

“That the defendant shall pay the net sum (US$75, 652.15) in three equal instalments of US$25, 217 .38 commencing on 31st March, 2021 and thereafter on or before the last day of each subsequent month, the last instalment being due on 30th May 2021,” read the judgement.

In a separate consent judgment, Proflight paid CAA the settlement of US$63, 870 being part payment of the outstanding Passenger Safety Charge due in the sum US$78, 865.

“That the outstanding disputed sum of US$14, 995.00 by the defendant shall be  subject to a reconciliation and assessment by the parties and the reimbursable  amounts if any, shall be payable to the defendant  by the plaintiff within  a month after  reconciliation and assessment  by the parties,” read the judgement.

It is further agreed that the outstanding US$14, 995.00 should be paid in three equal settlements of US$4, 998.33 with the last settlement being due on May 30, 2021.

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