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THERE is so much criminality on the Hatembos’ land issue and the UPND should shut up instead of trying to gain relevance by attacking me for exposing them, says FDD president Edith Nawakwi.

Ms Nawakwi was reacting to a UPND statement that she was taking advantage of the fact that Mr. Mazuba who sold the land to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was dead.

The UPND charged that Ms Nawakwi was trying to appease the Patriotic Front (PF) and challenged her to respect the dead.

However, Ms Nawakwi said the land issue involving the Hatembos’ has exposed the criminal minds that the UPND leader and his party members have.

Ms Nawakwi said in interview that Mr Hichilema and his followers were trying hard to cover their criminal traces regarding the corrupt acquisition of land from the Hatembo family which could not be covered.

She maintained that Mr Mazuba whom Mr Hichilema claims sold him the land did not exist anywhere in the documents until at a point when the UPND leader introduced himself and started paying ground rates in 2000 using Mazuba’s name.

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Ms Nawakwi explained that there was no receipt at the Ministry of Lands deposited by Mr Mazuba to the Hatembos’ apart from the ones between Mr Hichilema and Mr Mazuba.

“Land records are not a private document, it’s a public record imwe bena Mweetwa ma lawyers bemene mupasa ZIALE after 15 years and it does not die,” she said.

The FDD leader urged Mr Hichilema to shut up because it was clear from the records that the acquisition of the Hatembos’ land was shrouded in criminality.

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