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Dear Editor,                                                              

 I AM still looking forward to the views of all those analysts or governance experts on the Kapalasa and ECL eligibility matter of  which when I gave my simple understanding after listening to Munshya’s accurate points  on the same I was attacked right and left just because others feels they are more Zambians compared to us.

More especially when points favour the ruling party then the UPND and their sympathisers will call you dull, useless and unpatriotic hence most people are never magnanimous to state facts as they should be.

I say this because a personal opinion is not meant to make everyone happy, not at all, others will celebrate and some will become casualties along the way.

Anyway for the reminder my opinion on the Kapalasa matter was clear, the “petition was just a mere academic process as it had no life to succeed before the court.  In fact I called it “abuse of court processes.”

But I went further to state that the only option the court would do was a dismissal on account that the matter was already deliberated upon, it doesn’t matter whether it was not on ECL’s name or not but it was a similar case so such matters have no legs to stand on, that is exactly has happened.

I repeat comrades, analysing certain matters doesn’t need a brain storm on the constitution but simple common sense which in most of us is not common hence people tend to use a political mind just because they want to get embraced by their so-called pay masters or sponsors.

Personally, Elias Munshya stands out the way he analyses issues because he faces realities  unlike one counsel, for him as long as “zingena” he will keep on entertaining his clients for political mileage.

Remember there are a few lawyers who will be honest to tell you that “Bwana this case you are losing,” because for them it is not a service but business, so be careful.

I repeat, this case is done and dusted.

“Don’t only listen to what you want to hear but what you need to hear.”

I hope you know what this means.

Episode two is finished waiting for another bid, John Sangwa’s affidavit case against the ECZ, once again this is bid because it has powers to change at any time as it is not a legal document but an administrative document.


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