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VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina has described the performance of Parliament in the last four years and some months as extremely well.

Speaking during the Vice President Question and Answer session, Ms Wina also described the performance of some Members of Parliament has been exceptional in some cases.

The Vice President also said the past four years and some months has not been without disappointments, especially when progressive   Bills are brought before the House and they are not debated adequately and are opposed at every stage.

She said presiding officers took the centre stage to be impartial, transparent and concluded the business of the House in an exemplary manner.

“I hope that in future political parties in the House will be able to reach agreements on important issues that matter to the lives of Zambians, other than draw partisan lines to the disadvantage of the people,” she said.

Ms Wina also said the House looks forward to the next parliament, that will be more progressive and not be captive to the views of some of their leaders of the MPs, so that parliament can come up with laws that make a  difference in the lives of Zambians.

“Let me congratulate all MPs especially those that contributed greatly on the floor of the House and represented their people well,” said Ms Wina.

She also urged MPs who have been in the House for a long time to use the knowledge and expertise to advise, guide and support MPs who will be newly elected. – SmartEagles2021.

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