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THE Zambia Police has been given a 14 day ultimatum to make sure the abducted Hatembo siblings are found and reunited with their family.

If they fail, a march to state house to meet President Lungu will be mobilised because the disappearance of individuals was too serious a matter to be swept under the carpet.

 Democracy and Motherland Defenders coalition (DMDC) has also  appealed to the Church Mother bodies to dedicate a day of prayer and fasting for the release of the abducted Hatembo siblings .

Coalition chairperson Andrew Ntewewe says   that the Inspector General of Police and the commissioner of  Police in Southern Province must  do more and ensure the  abducted Hatembos are freed.

 Mr Ntewewe has expressed concern that the Zambia Police is not doing its utmost to ensure release of the Hatembos .

He  said yesterday that the abduction of the Hatembos must not be treated as a political matter  but purely a criminal issue .

“We wish to indicate that failure to release the Hatembos shall cause the coalition to march to state House and seek audience with the Head of State who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces,” Mr Ntewewe said .

“We make a passionate appeal to the Church , civil society and ordinary citizens to pray for the missing Hatembos .We call on the Church Mother bodies to dedicate a day for prayer and fasting for the release of the Hatembo siblings,” he said.

And Mr Ntewewe has appealed to political parties to take an interest in the issue of the Hatembo as it involves the lives of Zambian Citizens that have been abducted  and the lives of the Hatembo siblings matters just like that of any Zambian.

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