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THE UPND has reportedly opted for former finance minister, Felix Mutati as its running mate over Lusaka lawyer, Kevin   Bwalya Fube, popularly known as KBF.

Both were scheduled to join UPND today.

Mr Mutati is president of recently launched Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Both Mr. Mutati and Mr. Bwalya had been courted by the UPND

The UPND has been searching for a Bemba running mate for the past few months in an effort to win the Bemba vote after falling out of favour with former NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili who has since rejoined the Patriotic Front.

When contacted for a comment, Mr Fube curtly answered, “If you know  that they have picked him, why are you calling me. ,” he said before cutting the line.

UPND vice president, Mutale Nalumango has been relegated to the back seat as she is not seen as a political heavy compared to the other Bembas were being courted.

Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND management team has been on the hurt for a bemba speaking running mate, in the hopes of swinging the Bemba vote to his side.

Mr Mutati was fired as finance minister in 2019 and replaced with Magaret Mwakatwe who was also fired  last to make way for Bwalya Ngándu. 

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