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THE Zambia We Want and UPND Alliance will soon crumble because of selfishness and appetite for the power of all the leaders involved, says National Democratic Congress (NDC) acting president, Saboi Imboela.

Ms Imboela said the merger was from the onset in disarray because it was driven by the selfish ambition for power and not the interest of Zambia.

She said in an interview that the pact was a “brought in dead” (BID) because all the political leaders were eying the position of the vice president.

“From the onset, it’s a brought in dead alliance and it does not make sense, all the rebels have been promised the position of vice president, it’s total confusion and will disintegrate very soon,” she said.

Ms Imboela said it was on record that the UPND despite being the largest opposition political party had failed to manage any of the alliances with a number of political parties among them the PF, MMD under Felix Mutati, and the NDC because of selfishness and lack of respect for the union.

She said Zambians would once again see the levels of selfishness in the UPND when the merger begins to fall apart even before the general elections.

“The UPND are a selfish party and they don’t have respect for any alliance that they have formed so even this one would no doubt fail just like the previous ones,” she said. Ms Imboela said not many years ago, the UPND backstabbed the Felix Mutati MMD-led faction at the last minute when they went back on their word that they would not field candidates in the MMD strongholds but did that at the last minute.

She said it was unfortunate that Mr Mutati has forgotten so soon how selfish the UPND is and has once again joined forces with them.

She however said the only political party that has respect for the alliances was the PF and Mr Mutati was alive to that fact.

Ms Imboela stated that, unlike the UPND, the PF honoured its word with the Mutati MMD faction in 2016.

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