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LET us all take the Covid-19 vaccine so that the government can relax some restrictions and allow holding of traditional ceremonies, Chief Moonze has told his subjects.

Chief Moonze of the Tonga people of Monze  said it was only through mass coronavirus vaccinations that the government could be convinced to allow the Gonde ceremony to take place. The chief appealed to all his subjects to observe the Covid-19 health guidelines regardless of the dropping numbers of infections in the country.

He urged them to seriously consider being vaccinated for the benefit of everyone.

Chief Moonze said that the Gonde Lwiindi organising committee was in the process of engaging the government on the modalities of holding the ceremony but with strict adherence to the Covid-19 health guidelines.

Chief Moonze said he was in high spirits and could not hesitate to hold one of the biggest traditional ceremonies for the Tonga speaking people of Southern Province if the government gave a green light.

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