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VIOLENT political parties will not be allowed to campaign in my Chiefdom ahead of August,12 2021 general elections, Chief Chikwanda of Bemba people of Mpika District has said.

Chief Chikwanda said it was important for political party leaders to set an example for their followers by denouncing all forms of violent behavior.

Chief Chikwanda said it was important for leaders to condemn violence regardless of who was involved.

Chief Chikwanda said he will not hesitate to take on political leaders who will be seen to  be promoting  violence.

He said violence if not curtailed has potential to degenerate into civil war.

Chief Chikwanda said he will de-campaign any political leader that will be  found promoting political violence in his chiefdom.

“We have been  calling political leaders to denounce violence for a long time now, so this time around I will personally de campaign violent parties. I do not want my subjects to be turned into mere thugs because you are buying them beer,” Chief Chikwanda said.

Chief Chikwanda said it was important for politicians to safe guard the peace of the nation, stressing that there will  be no country to govern if it is plunged into chaos.

“It should be a responsibility of every politician to safe guard the peace that this country has enjoyed over the years, no one should die because of elections,” the traditional leader said.

Chief Chikwanda said political parties should compete on the basis of ideologies and should avoid personal attacks which he said have been   major causes of political violence.

“Let people compete on basis of party manifestoes and the agenda for the country not insults and such politicians will not be allowed in my chiefdom,” he said.

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